If you’re working on a campaign, this is for you

2 min readNov 3, 2020

It’s worth taking a moment here to celebrate the thousands of All Hands candidates that have dedicated your talent and hard work to the messy and always unfinished project of rebuilding our democracy. Your service to this country matters every day, but especially today.

So many of you have innovated behind the scenes, doing thankless work to fight for wins both big and small. There are moments in this work that can be heartwarming, and moments that can be heartbreaking — none of it is possible without courage.

We have been so inspired by the courage that you all have brought to this fight — many of you for the first time. We’ve had the privilege to get to know so many of you — your hopes and dreams, your personal stories, and the reasons why you do this work. Know that your work does not go unnoticed — it matters.

It is the people behind the progressive movement that make the difference, and the talent, curiosity, and ambition that they bring to the table. As part of the All Hands project, we have helped assemble a dream team of engineers, designers, product managers, data analysts, and digital strategists powering campaigns across more than 75 hiring partners.

There will undoubtedly be wins and losses in the days ahead. What’s important is the commitment we bring to this work and to supporting this community long after Election Day is over.

That’s why we’re making a commitment to you: we will have your back after Election Day.

If you are about to be unemployed and looking for work in the civic engagement space, drop your resume in All Hands and we’ll work to match you with open roles.

Thank you for your continued commitment to this work. We are so grateful to be in this fight alongside each and every one of you.




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